Floyd-Motors Auburn, Indiana

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Joe Floyd tells a story about 1936 and Henry Ford's determination to put an end to the Great Depression. Joe donated his collection of 1936 Fords and built Floyd Motors It's 1936 and families are in need of a new car Floyd Motors is the place to go Henry & Edsel Ford are seen just outside the picture window When you enter, you're greeted by a brand new 1936 Roadster
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Beyond the desk, all the Ford models for 1936 are on display on the showroom floor. Brochures on the desk are open, ready for you to see what's new for '36 Among the Fords for 1936 is this very rare 1936 Glaser from Germany... ...and this equally rare Two-Purpose Sedan Delivery. Ford made them for National Cash Register and others to deliver goods where trucks weren't allowed, as well as haul the family in it when the removable seat is installed A salesman making a deal with a customer. We wonder if the customer is buying the black 3-Window coupe or maroon Fordor Sedan? A family of five tired of the depression and anxious to travel with the kids
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A new Station Wagon would be a good fit for a family of five. There's seating for up to eight! Throughout the dealership are Ford-O-Scopes with films highlighting Ford Motor Co. and their great cars for '36 This car is not for sale! It's one of only six that Ford built using Allegheny Ludlum Stainless Steel. Huge murals line the walls of the Rotunda. Many are copies of the ones used in the original Rotunda An exploded view of the Famous Ford Flathead V-8 engine and transmission for 1936
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An entire chassis is on display for customers to discover what's underneath the beautiful bodies for '36 Scenes from 1936 adorn the walls The large photos are displayed behind the actual '36 models in the showroom This Convertible Sedan just may have taken passengers to a flight on an American Airlines Douglas DC-3 A farmer in 1936 with his modern workhorse: a 1936 Ford Pickup
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Of course, like any good Ford Dealership, Floyd Motors offers parts and service A stunning scene of the '36 Stainless Sedan just behind the Rotunda's large front window The Stainless as seen from outside, beckoning visitors to come inside and make a deal on a New 1936 Ford!

If you think the photos are great, wait til you visit Floyd Motors of Auburn, IN in person.