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The Latest Museum News


2004 Ford Expedition

Toni Vachon of New Haven, IN donated a 2004 Ford Expedition to the Museum. With the skills of Nick Miller, our Collections Coordinator, and intern Lucas Cauley, the vehicle was brought up to great running condition and is now an official "fetch" car. It has a trailer hitch and when the 2 sets of back seats are lowered, there's a ton of room inside.

A Visitor Writes


"We read the book, "All the Bright Places" which inspired us to want to come to Indiana. (The book is about two teenagers who want to escape from their small Indiana town. Then they travel around their state to see important or unusual sites.) Then we read about Joe Floyd donating his cars, so we had to come and see the museum and the Stainless Steel Ford!" —Grace, Andy G., Joe and Alex from Elkton, South Dakota.
—So signed a family in our guest book recently.—


New Street Name!

We recently had the opportunity to rename our “street” and choose ROTUNDA DRIVE, since it goes right by our new Rotunda! So our new address is 2181 Rotunda Drive. But for now, if you mail us via USPS, please continue to use P.O. Box 284, Auburn, IN 46706. For UPS and Fed Ex, 2181 Rotunda Dr. 46706 is best.


Memorial Bricks are on Display

With so much happening in the Auburn area, it was difficult to find a company that had the time to do re-install the memorial bricks for us. Well, the job's finally completed and all the hundreds of memorial bricks we've sold over the years are in place well ahead of the 2019 Central National Meet in late August.


A '36 Roadster Greets You!

We appreciate every item that is donated, but every now and then someone donates something so extraordinary, that we pause to pay special tribute to the item and its donor.
That’s Mike Sponholtz of Wisconcin, who painted and donated this "Floyd Motors" ’36 Roadster that's now behind the lobby desk at the museum. He personally delivered the painting and even mounted it for us!
If you are interested in contacting Mike, you can email him at chezsponz@gmail.com or call 920-654-2066. A painting of your car would look great in your man-cave!


3rd Car added to Speed Display

Steve Myers of Ohio loaned us his nifty '46 Hillegass Midget Racer. It's powered by the Flathead Ford V-8 60. Steve raced this car back in the day. Looks great next to the loaned 1935 Miller Ford Indy car and donated 1926 Model T Roadster.


Welcome to Floyd Motors

Joe Floyd donated his 18 1936 Ford collection to the V-8 Museum. He then built a 10,000 Sq Ft addition to house the collection. Then he hired Group Delphi to create "Floyd Motors", an authentic Ford Dealership. It's simply outstanding!


'36 Stainless Steel Sedan

The rare 1936 Stainless Steel Sedan, part of the donated Floyd collection, is now on a turntable and is visible from outside through the Rotunda window.


Original 1932 Fordor Donated

Don Bowne of Cambridge City, Indiana, donated this original 1932 Fordor Sedan to the Museum. It's an outstanding example of originality and will stand proud next to the other '32s in our collection!


1935 Miller Ford on Display

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum has loaned our museum a genuine 1935 Miller Ford race car for our new Flathead Speed Equipment exhibit.


V-8 60 Powered Model T

Alan Egelseer of WI donated this fantastic 1926 Model T Roadster for our Speed exhibit. Besides the two cars, there is a large collection of Flathead speed accessories which were available in the early days of racing. Part of Greg Eaton's collection.


     Internship Grant

The RPM Foundation (RPM) is an educational grant-making program of America’s Automotive Trust (AAT). RPM is funded by collector vehicle and classic boat enthusiasts to serve youth and young adults on their pathways to careers in automotive/marine restoration & preservation along with the long-term interests of the collector vehicle and classic boat communities. Visit: www.rpm.foundation for more information.
The Museum applied for a grant from the RPM Foundation to help pay for interns. We were awarded a $5,000 grant. A representative visited our Museum as part of the process and he was quite impressed with what we are doing. Our Thanks to The Rpm Foundation.


Regional Group Support

Over the years, many Regional Groups of the Early Ford V-8 Club have shown their support of the Foundation with cash donations. Some have held events such as auctions, bake sales, Cruise-ins, etc. to raise funds. Others have shared a portion of their profits obtained from hosting a National Meet or a local car show. Sometimes the money is given for a particular project, like our Gift Shop renovation, the Rotunda Sign restoration, landscaping, etc.

This support is growing by leaps and bounds.

We realize that not all RGs have the means to make large cash donations. We've had many more under $500, and those gifts are just as appreciated as the larger ones.

And so, we recognize the generous men and women of Regional Groups all over the world as Genuine Ford People who unselfishly support our effort to Preserve 1932-1953 Ford History.


Some "Local" RGs Hours Away!

V-8 Club Regional Groups not only give money to the Foundation, they also give of themselves. Four Regional Groups in Indiana and Ohio, whose members are very active as volunteers to help out at the Museum, have members who travel great distances to get to Auburn. For example, RG #69 is the North West Indiana RG and is about 120-140 miles and 2.5-3 hours away; RG #56 is centered in Indianapolis. For many, it's a good 140-150 mile 3 hour drive to Auburn; RG #141 in the Cincinnati, Ohio area is close to 200 miles and as much as 4 hours away! The fourth and only "close" RG is #169, which is considered an Auburn-Garrett RG. Even though it's close to the Museum, members still have to give up their valuable time in order to help out.
Whenever there is a need for men and women, and sometimes children and grandchildren, to work on a project or to help out at the Museum during Cruise-ins or busy weekends during the summer, we can always count on members from these RGs to pitch in.
So, a "Big Thanks" to these dedicated members! Without their unselfish help, running our Museum would be a much more difficult and expensive task.


Traveling Suitcase

Her name is Megan Satkowiak, hometown tourist, and she writes for the DeKalb County blog as the Traveling Suitcase. She recently visited us and wrote a fantastic description of our Museum with lots of great photos. Read all about it


Student Memberships

Now students can join the Early Ford V-8 Foundation & Museum for a discounted membership fee of just $10. They will receive the Foundation News electronic version. Students of all ages, male and female, are invited to join. Ownership of an early Ford is not required, but a desire to learn about Ford the company, its products and its founder, is.
Just click on NEW, STUDENT $10 and YES to receive your newsletter via email on the online Membership Form to join. Or call Suzy or Josh at 260-927-8022 to join by phone.

'40 Ford illustration by Rich Harrington



We are thrilled to have Henry Ford III, great, great grandson of Henry Ford, as Honorary Chairman of our newly formed National Advisory Committee.


NEW! Join or Renew On-line.

Now you can Join the Early Ford V-8 Foundation or Renew your membership right on-line. Just click on the menu button "Join or Renew Online" and you'll be taken to our on-line Membership Form.
Upon completing the form, you can choose to pay by credit card or by check. If Credit Card is chosen, you'll be taken to the secure Paypal site. There you can use your Paypal account to pay OR if you Don't have a Paypal account, there is an option to pay with any credit card without having to join Paypal. It's safe, fast and easy.
If you choose to pay by check, your membership information will be automatically sent to us and you'll be taken to a page with directions on where to send your check.


NEW: Online Payments

You can now use your credit card and order items directly from our web site! Just click on the Add to Cart buttons you'll find on this site and you'll be taken to PayPal to make your payment. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO DO THIS, NOR SIGN UP FOR ONE. If you DO have a Paypal account, your purchase will use that account. But if not, you just enter your credit card info to make your purchase. Shipping and sales tax (Indiana only) will be added for you.

It's Fast, Easy and totally Secure! You can even make a cash Donation by clicking on our DONATION Button!

If you are more comfortable ordering over the phone, you can call 260-927-8022.