The NEW Early Ford V-8 Museum

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Craig's-Rotunda-Photo.jpg rotunda-sign.jpg Stainless-for-Tribute-Wall.jpg FLOYD-MOTORS-.jpg SERVICE.jpg
Those clouds passed quickly as we Unveiled the "New" expanded Museum on May 10th This is the Original Rotunda sign that was outside Ford's original Rotunda in Dearborn. '36 Stainless Steel Sedan now belongs to the Early Ford V-8 Museum! The Stainless and 17 other 1936 Fords are now part of "Floyd Motors". Floyd Motors and the cars were donated by Joe Floyd of SD
Henry-and-Edsel-and-window.jpg '36-Three-Window.jpg 36-wagon.jpg Cecil-Polon-and-Bob-Malley-Sales-Pitch.jpg farmer-diorama.jpg
Henry and Edsel Ford Greet potential customes at Floyd Motors Every vehicle has a "story". When you enter Floyd Motors, you are entering a genuine 1936 Ford Dealership! A period-authentic desk that would've been used in a 1936 Ford showroom. Life-size photos of many scenes from 1936 are used throughout Floyd Motors
Ford-O-Scope.jpg stainless-and-chassis.jpg Frank Corey Gallery-Mary-Gene.jpg cars-web.jpg photo 1.JPG
Three "Ford-O-Scopes" show videos from 1936 The '36 Stainless on a turntable; a 1936 Ford Car Chassis in front A new Gallery is the Frank Corey Gallery. Here, Frank's sister Mary and husband Gene are about to enter. Frank left the Museum a great deal of money and cars after his passing. Three of his cars are on display. Just a few of the many cars on display in the 9,000 sq ft Corey Gallery
photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG Ford-Garage-1-2-web.jpg Ford-Parts,-Dennis-Carpenter-Ford-Garage.jpg Accessories,--Dennis-Carpenter-Ford-Garage-2.jpg
Our original "Phase One" Gallery has been redesigned and repurposed. Inside is this new Ford Garage It's filled with tools, accessories and parts of a typical 1940s Ford Service Bay. Visitors are allowed to go inside and see everything close up!
Speed.JPG 26Model-T-web.jpg miller ford.jpg Engines.JPG toytrucks.jpg
Our Ford V-8 Speed Display A 1926 Ford-V8 60 powered Roadster The Indianapolis Speedway Musem loaned us this 1935 Miller-Ford Race Car! Several Ford Engines and power train items - some are cut-a-ways On loan is this awsome toy display
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A display of Early V-8 CLUB memorabilia Entranceway Tribute Wall. Recognizing those who made the Early Ford V-8 Museum possible The '36 Stainless as seen on a turntable in the Rotunda's center window as you drive up to the Museum